• To facilitate the timely exchange of information within the sector about potential cyber-threats
  • To act as a liaison between the financial sector and institutions concerning protection against cyber-attacks and IT security
  • To facilitate responses to large-scale cyber-incidents
  • To support the cyber-crisis solution process
  • To cooperate with similar Italian and international institutions and with other public and private cyber-security agents
  • To raise awareness and promote a culture of security



CERTFin's organisational model is composed by a Strategic Committee, a Steering Committee and the Operational Directorate


The Strategic Committee sets CERT's governance policies and industry development guidelines, in response to trends in fraudulent phenomena and cyber-attacks.

The Steering Committee determines and manages the services offered to its members. It provides the Strategic Committe with an overview on the trends and their impact on the sector as well as the effective measures taken by single banks or at cooperational level.

The Operational Directorate is responsible for CERTFin's operating and administrative activities.

Virtual Team:  some members of CERTFin allocate their own resources to support the organisation’s activities. They are part of a Virtual Team, a decentralised organisational model known as "campus”.

The "campus" model involves:

  • central coordination by the Operational Directorate
  • Virtual Team contribution to the progress of the activities

CERTFin members equipped with the suitable organisational, technological and logistical resources as well as high-level IT security skills participate in the Virtual Team.